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Seller Features

At Diyobo, we strive to offer the most customized ticketing solution online for the fairest rates in the industry. You can trust that your ticket selling needs will be met, and that your event will run smooth when selling with us! Check out these many great features available to you for FREE!


Fair Fees

We know you want your customers to have the best experience from the time you start advertising your event until they leave the venue. This means fair fees on their purchases. When we calculated our fees, we considered every angle, as we are a team of event coordinators as well. Fair fees that you won't find anywhere else that we as event coordinators are okay with.


Free Event Creation

Never pay to list an event, and never receive a charge for free events. We host your event for free on our site, and even allow you to offer free tickets with no service fees. This is because we know what you need to succeed. Many of our tools are free as well. Let's put it this way ... running your event online and selling tickets will never be a burden for you. Gracious, huh?


Your Event Live in Minutes

It takes a newbie less than 10-minutes to make an event on our website. In fact, just in case you're not the most tech savvy person, we've created easy to digest video tutorials for you. Basically, it requires little experience to become an expert. Not sure of your spelling and grammar? Our writing team will even proof read your event to ensure no errors when you go live.


Encoded Tickets

The process is simple: When someone buys a ticket, their ticket is unique. That ticket is scanned using our app on your smartphone for free, or using a scanner you can purchase from us, and no one else can use that ticket. Scan via mobile or print out. You can even track the scanner stats live, or after the event has concluded. With Diyobo, there is no confusion at the door.



Track Promoters & Vendors

With Diyobo, any business that has internet (all of them) can sell tickets for you. Your promoters can also get the credit they deserve for their efforts. Add promoters and vendors to your event in seconds, giving them a secret code to process cash sales and promote your event with a customzied link. You'll always know who's performing on your behalf for every event.


Built-In CMS System

Diyobo is your event ticketing hub. Not only can you sell tickets at fair rates, but you can contact your buyers when needed with important updates, or to announce your next event. In less than 2-minutes you can send any combination (by tier, or to the whole event) of ticket buyers an email right from inside Diyobo. The first 3 emails are free no matter the number of attendees.


Issues Comps & Promo Codes

Our easy to use interface makes it possible to setup promo codes on the fly. It's just as easy to issue comps as well. Every detail is carefully managed to make sure you can come back to your comps and codes & know exactly who you issued to, why, and if need be, you can remove select information from the system. It's never been easier to take care of your loyal buyers.


Detailed Back-End

Never wonder how your event is doing. Whether you're looking to contact your ticket buyers, examine your up-to-the-minute financials, or figure out which of your staff and vendors are performing, Diyobo has your back. We leave no detail unchecked, and hey, if you have any suggestions to improve your experience, please let us know. We improve the site all the time.