Hermetic Code Tour 2017

Unlock the Hidden Secrets and Symbols of the Manitoba Legislative Building

Date: August 24, 2017
Time: 06:00 pm - 07:45 pm
Coordinator(s): Heartland International
Contact Number: (204) 989-9630
Official Website: http://heartlandtravel.ca/book-a-tour/hermetic-code-tours-of-mb-legislative-building/

Venue: Manitoba Legislative Building

450 Broadway
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3C 1S4


*Trade-mark of Interac Inc. used under license.


Join Dr. Frank Albo, creator of the Hermetic Code for an unforgettable tour of decoding the famous symbols and architecture that makes the building truly unique. Meet inside the Manitoba Legislative Building and begin your understanding of this magnificent building.

Dr. Albo will uncover trails of occult clues concealed in the building's architecture including: hidden hieroglyphic inscriptions, numerological codes, and Freemasonic symbols so intelligently masked it has escaped historians and visitors for nearly a hundred years!

You will learn that the building is a library of coded messages and secret techniques inscribed in a Masonic language. Is it possible that the Legislative Building is really a conduit of magical power? Is the building's location in the centre of North America a site for numinous earth energies? Come and find out for yourself!

The Hermetic Code Tour is part of the Signature Experience Collection with Destination Canada.

Please dress appropriately for the weather as the first 15 minutes of the tour is outside. Cameras are also allowed on the tours as well as a beverage and small snacks. Please note if you have signed up to take the Hermetic Code Tour, you must have valid photo ID on you as you MAY need to present it at the Security Desk when you check in for the tour. Bags and purses may be checked and kept at the security desk.

Spots are non-refundable and once booked, cannot be changed. Please make sure you are booking the correct date and the correct number of spots.

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