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CWE: The Halloween House Of Horrors

Ft. Vampiro

Date: October 25, 2019
Time: 08:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Coordinator(s): CWE
Contact Number: 2043332782
Official Website: www.cwecanada.ca

Venue: Rookie's Sports Bar

201 Melrose Ave E
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R2C 0B1


*Trade-mark of Interac Inc. used under license.

Bell Time: 8:30PM
Tickets available at the door for $19

Canadian Wrestling's Elite is ecstatic to announce it has come to terms with what will be the first time in nearly 20 years that international wrestling superstar Vampiro wrestles in Canada when he makes his in ring CWE debut on Friday, October 25th!

The unsung Canadian wrestling icon often flies under the radar when talking Canadian wrestling legends due to being one of the very few international megastars to never step foot inside a WWE ring but don't let that one personal decision underestimate the super stardom of the Thunder Bay, Ontario born star.

For over two and a half decades Vampiro has been one of the biggest stars in the country of Mexico and one that go down as one of the all time greats in the history of lucha libre.

The top drawing box office attraction to this day has a lot of power in the country of Mexico but he is most known to North American wrestling fans for his highly memorable run in the last years of World Championship Wrestling as one of the most popular stars of that period in the company's history with a cult following like no other.

From teaming with The Great Muta to being one of Sting's hardest rivalries of his WCW career, Vampiro was on a sure fire track to being a stop star in the organization before the company was bought out by WWE. 

Opting not to explore possible options with WWE, Vampiro would return to being the king of Mexican wrestling and spend the next decade competing for TNA in its early years, doing tours of All Japan Pro Wrestling, and winning the short lived Wrestling Society X Championship on MTV.

With Vampiro keeping a very limited in ring schedule he can most frequently be seen on Lucha Underground.

On Friday, October 25th wrestling fans are in for a true moment in wrestling history as Vampiro returns to his home country and will compete in Winnipeg, the city that hosted his last Canadian wrestling match back in 2001 for WCW.

This a very is a rare and unique opportunity to see a true did it on his own terms legend of the sport up close and personal and in action so DON'T miss it!

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